Use Public Safety Grants to Keep Your Campus Safe, Secure, and Connected

Download our guide and learn how public safety funding can keep your campus safe and connected with cellular repeater solutions.

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How Tech Keeps K-12 Campuses Safe

What Causes Cellular Disruption

Benefits of Cellular Repeater Systems

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How to Apply for Public Safety Grants

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“The impact was huge. We are able to communicate very easily now. The installation at my school went smoothly and was very easy. I found the WilsonPro certified installers to be extremely professional, very kind, and they went out of their way to accommodate us.” 

- Principal Lisa Muirbrook, Art City Elementary 

Parents, teachers, staff, and students rely on mobile devices to stay connected. Emerging technologies provide schools with new ways to teach, and reliable cellular service keeps schools safe and connected.  

Despite the importance of connection to the modern education system, unreliable service and dropped calls still affect students and staff in both rural and urban campuses across the country. Modern construction materials can interfere with cellular service, and new developments in 5G provide excellent speed but struggle to reach distances far from towers.  

Fortunately, cellular repeater systems can bridge these gaps in connection. Amplifying weak cellular signal provides strong, reliable service across an entire campus. A connected campus is safer, and reliable cellular service during an emergency can save lives. Public safety grants can help your school cover the cost of installing amplifiers to ensure strong connection during any scenario.  

Read our guide to learn more about the benefits of cellular repeaters in your school and the grants that can keep you on budget.