How Are WilsonPro Cell Signal Repeaters Installed?

Download our Installation Guide and discover our step-by-step process to design, install, and activate a WilsonPro cell signal repeater system.

In our guide, you will learn:

How a Cellular Repeater Works

How We Conduct Site Surveys

How We Design Your Solution

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How We Install Your System

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Modern businesses rely on strong, reliable cellular connections to keep operations running smoothly. Customers, vendors, and employees alike expect modern speed and consistency, while tablets, cell phones, and IoT devices are vital for day-to-day functions. 

Although cell coverage is increasingly important, many cell phone users still suffer from dropped calls and slow data speeds, even in modern buildings in urban areas. Urban density, construction materials, and distance from a tower all affect the actual quality of cell signal you receive. Fortunately, cellular repeater systems can amplify outdoor signals, sending strong, reliable coverage throughout your building. 

At WilsonPro, we work closely with you and professional integrators to develop a customized repeater system for your organization. We install in days to weeks with minimal disruption. Read our definitive guide to our installation process to learn how we can plan and install your repeater system.