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From customers to vendors to employees, modern businesses rely on strong, reliable connections. Tablets, cell phones, and IoT devices make the world more connected than ever. A reported 90% of American adults own a cell phone, and 88% of small and medium companies utilize cell phones for their business. 

Despite our reliance on connection, unreliable service and dropped calls still annoy cell phone users, even in urban areas with strong coverage. In commercial buildings, warehouses, hospitals, and schools, new developments in construction materials and scale present unique challenges for ensuring service. Millimeter wave 5G, while offering incredible speeds, struggles to reach a significant distance from cell towers. 

However, solutions exist for these connectivity problems. Wi-Fi calling, network extenders, cellular signal repeaters, and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) all present unique benefits for extending reliable cellular service, and our guide offers a deep dive into their pros and cons. 

In our guide, you will learn:

What Causes Cellular Disruptions

Ways to Improve Cellular Signal

Pros and Cons of Amplification Systems

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How Scale Affects Repeater Solutions

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