Eco-Friendly Building Creates Mixed Signals for Millennial Tenants  

From the moment it opened its doors, the 72-floor LEED-certified Jersey City Urby Building (JCUB) attracted many tech-savvy residents by virtue of its luxurious, high-tech amenities

Unfortunately, reliable cell service wasn’t among them.

For a building touting keyless entry via smartphone, the inability to call or text from inside the JCUB was clearly unacceptable. Tenants threatened to break leases if the problem continued. To address the complaints and maintain peak occupancy, the JCUB needed a quick solution.

In this case study, learn how WilsonPro helped the JCUB enhance its cell signal coverage in just a matter of weeks, not months—all while saving the property over $1.5 million in the process.

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Within a week of the installation, cell reception results were so great that executives asked Illuminati to fulfill the initially discussed work of installing boosters throughout the entire building.

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